Help to install Blynk Server on RaspBerry Pi

Hi guys,

I m trying to install Blynk Server in a RPI 3 but I can´t access to server. I installed folowing the guide,

Install Java 8
install .jar server software
launch Blynk Server, and say started with exit

I set up static ip, I can access to internet from Raspberry I set up forwarding ip and port to RPI in my router, but I cant access to RPI from internet, i cant access to RPI from LAN. I did ping against RPI with exit from local network.

I verified that Blynk ports are open

Someone knows what occurs, wich could be de trouble???

Any suggestion

Thank you

Have you made the required changes on the app side?

Hi @Gunner,

Yeah, I set up the Blynk App , but it can´t reach the server¡¡

any idea about ¿?


What do you mean with exit? Did you run with &? Are you sure you didn’t close server session? Check with “ps -aux | grep java”

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Hi @Dmitriy,

and say started with exit is wrong expresion, I wont to say successfully started, and

“ps aux - grep java” shows…

pi@guardian:~ $ ps aux| grep java
pi 2247 12.2 5.8 328968 55236 pts/1 Sl+ 14:40 0:20 java -jar server-0.22.1.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk
pi 2270 0.0 0.1 4296 1884 pts/0 S+ 14:43 0:00 grep --color=auto java

The server is running

could be a permissions trouble?

I would start with trying to fix the LAN connection and then move on from there.
Did you make the appropriate sketch changes as well as the app changes?
Can we see your sketch?

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Hi @Dmitriy , @ costas

Just I can access to admin console through local host,

also I change the properties “allowed.administrator.ips =” to access from other LAN IPś but connection is refussed!

could be a permissions troubles?


It should be CIDR:

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Thank you @Lichtsignaal, @Dmitriy, @Costas, and all

Just SOLVED, y correct by and set up once more my static IP, and forward IP routing NAT and all works!!!

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