Help needed connecting WiDo to Blynk

I’m new to this IoT stuff and I’m struggling to connect a DFRobot WiDo to Blynk.

The first thing I should point out is that I’m English and living in China, I assume Blynk is accessible in China?

So far I have managed to connect the Wido to Blynk but after about 30 seconds the connection drops out, if I reset and start the connection again it will connect but only for about 30 seconds again.

Can anyone, or has anyone successfully connected the WiDo to Blynk who can help me?

Thanks in anticipation…

Searching this site for your board (DFRobot WiDo) show two equally unsuccessful attempts… and other DFRobot type “combo” boards all have the same reliability issues getting them to work with IoT.

I do not see any benefit in pursuing this particular board when you can get a clone UNO and ESP-01 connected for a fraction of the cost and with greater ease… not to mention just skipping over all that to an ESP dev board like a Wemos D1 Mini or NodeMCU.

Thanks for your quick reply.

As this board will actually connect consistently every time but only for about 30 seconds, my main concern was that Blynk is not blocked by the “Great Fire Wall of China” like so many other western Internet sites.

Looking at the other two equally unsuccessful attempts listed on this forum, I did come to the conclusion that maybe this board was not the “best” buy, however before I go investing in some other device can someone confirm that Blynk is okay in China?

Again… searching this forum will show that there are both functioning users and issues in China… and Russia, and India, and… it all depends on so many outside influences that you will not find anything absolutely conclusive.

Some possible issues will be purchasing extra energy as Google may block payment options… so stock up first.