Help me to reset wifi login pasword from my device

Thank you Pete, I found that my esp32 ESP-WROOM-32 has no build in LED.
And I found that document has the same.

Pete, why we need these LEDs for reseting wifi login and password?

that makes this comment rather worrying then…

as the only LED shown on that device is a power indicator. If the power is being connected and disconnected during the upload then you should be getting error messages in your IDE to say that the upload has failed.
You should investigate why the LED is flashing in this situation.

I’d suggest you re-read Edgent troubleshooting guide I linked in post #9 to understand the purpose of the LED.

You should add an LED (with a suitable current limiting resistor) between one of your available GPIO pins and GND (observing correct polarity for the LED of course) and update your Settings.h file accordingly.
With the other side if the LED connected to GND as described, you’ll need #define BOARD_LED_INVERSE set to false