Help me to reset wifi login pasword from my device

Hello Community,
Please Help me to reset my wifi password.
I found in this forum and setting.h that reset pin is 0.
I added to button to my esp32 and tried to hold 3sec + 10 sec. It is not working.
And I deleted my device from mobile app but now I cannot add my device even with old wifi login and pass.
please help.

It depends which board type you’ve specified in the main .ino file.

Have you tried re-provisioning the device?


How can I do re-provisioning?

The same way you did it first time around - using +Add Device in the app.

If that doesn’t work then you need to clarify exactly what you’ve done so far. Did you keep the template when you deleted the device?

What do you see in the web console?


Yes, I tried with to add device.
but iphone cannot find it.

Yes I have them in mobile app and in the web console

Just erase the flash and start from the beginning.

Okay, well as I said before, the reset pin is dependent on which board type you’ve un-commented in your main .ino file.

What you are supposed to connect the other end of your reset button to (GND or 3.3v) will also depend on the true/false value of the BOARD_BUTTON_ACTIVE_LOW setting for the board type you have defined.

If you’ve defined the board type as USE_WROVER_BOARD then the button pin is GOIO15 and the other side of the reset switch should be connected to GND if you are using the default values…

#if defined(USE_WROVER_BOARD)

  #define BOARD_BUTTON_PIN            15
  #define BOARD_BUTTON_ACTIVE_LOW     true

If you are using the TTGO_T7 board type, or have no board type defined so that the custom settings are used then the reset button pin is GPIO0 and the other side of the reset button should be connected to GND. This assumes that you didn’t make any changes to the defaults when you uploaded your sketch.


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