Help me please Blynk video Streaming IP Camera hikvision pan tilt Zoom help me pleas How can I do

HELPme please I need to add ip camera pan tilt Zoom Hikvision how can i do help me please

Your first task will be to obtain a list of the Hikvision APIs for the PTZ commands that apply to your particular camera.
Once you have this then you should test a few of the commands by issuing the API calls from your browser. Once you’re happy that they work then check that they work from a device that’s not connected to your home network.

After that it’s up to you whether you use the Blynk Webhook widget to trigger the APIs, or whether you make these API calls from an MCU. If the API calls only work from within your network then the MCU route will be your only option.

You could also explore whether there is any IFTTT pre-built functionality for your camera, which may simplify some of the process.


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Wow thank do you have some sample.

Some samples of what?