Help me, I am but a young padwan

I have recently found blynk and installed it on my raspberry pi B(rev 2), and I have a robot connected to it, I cannot find anything on the internet with blynk and my robot kit, so I decided to make it work using blynk, it has a library and I would like to use that, my question is, can I get blynk to operate a boolean or change an integer in my code without doing anything to the gpio pins, just change a boolean or something equivalent in my code, if someone has done this can you send me a github link or something where I can study the code if someone has an answer, thanks for any help!

Your dear freind young blynk fetus tomrubberduck.

Yes, thats possible using Virtual Pins. There are some examples provided with the Blynk library. Basically you can attach a widget to a Virtual Pin which will act as a regular pin, but it doesn’t do anything until you tell it to do something in your code.

Thanks, where can I find these examples??

You can start here:

If anything is unclear we’ll be glad to help :slight_smile:

this is code for the arduino, can I find it for the raspberry pi?

Shouldn’t be too hard to turn around I guess. I have no experience with Rasp, just Arduino, but there are several topics on this forum which have useful information about it.

Could you send me a link??

Here is some interesting stuff. I guess you need a C compiler though. I’d advise using an Arduino for starting this because it’s a bit more easy.

Thanks, I’ll have a read, I do have an arduino but no way of connecting it to internet

you can use Ethernet shield or ESP8266 it’s cheaper and using the WIFI is better always

Or get a ENCJ28-something Ethernet board. It’s pretty easy and a lot cheaper than a Arduino ethernet shield. I prefer cabled connections over Wifi any day :wink: