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1-port controller, one-touch button for manual control and 1 silde control automatically
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Sorry, but I read your post 5 times and I didn’t get it.
Could you please explain it differently?

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I want to use the manual and auto buttons

When auto is turned on, the silder control bar is automatically set up

When using the manual bar silder will not work and switch to the v1 button to control

I’m having trouble with this

Sorry, still not quite understanding… a button is a button, it can be momentary or a switch, not manual or auto (well, not without code that can do manual or automatic actions depending on button state).

If you are trying to get feedback on the slider from something in your code, then you need to use Blynk.virtualWrite(vPin, value)

Please try to explain again, and show us your code. Also, format the code as required for proper viewing. Thank you.

I think it is like, @laoquy056 wants to set desired humidity via SLIDER or with manual button to manually override when it is needed, or otherwise to use auto button to keep desired value
I am just guessing :wink:

I agree with @speed57, it sounds like he is wanting to set up an auto mode, and a manual mode. So when set to auto mode the value would be a preset value (possibly hard written into code), when in manual mode the value can be set via the slider.

This is definitely possible, and probably not too hard. Check out this thread:

They are talking about setting a value via a slider. You will probably need to do this first.

Once you can set the value via a slider, a simple IF statement to check if the button is set to manual or auto and there you go.