Help! getting this error trying to use edgent with esp8266

HI guys,

Not touched Blynk for 2 years, but now I need to update and old app to blynk2.0 . It used a wemos D1 mini and updated over wifi. So, I am now trying to get to grips with edgent for 8266 but not getting very far. I get this error when trying to use the basic edgent_ESP8266 example sketch

In file included from C:\Users\kevin\AppData\Local\Temp.arduinoIDE-unsaved202364-4480-5gn4y.1z1wns\Edgent_ESP8266\BlynkEdgent.h:10:0,
from C:\Users\kevin\AppData\Local\Temp.arduinoIDE-unsaved202364-4480-5gn4y.1z1wns\Edgent_ESP8266\Edgent_ESP8266.ino:43:
C:\Users\kevin\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Blynk\src/BlynkSimpleEsp8266_SSL.h:35:2: error: #error BearSSL is needed, please update your ESP8266 Arduino Core
#error BearSSL is needed, please update your ESP8266 Arduino Core

exit status 1

Compilation error: exit status 1

TIA guys!!!


That’s a good place to start. What ESP8266 core version do you currently have installed? (Tools > Board > Boards Manager).


Hi Pete,

Good to hear from you been a while!!

Here ya go - I am using latest arduino IDE as well


The latest release is 3.1.2
You may be using the wrong boards manager json link if that’s the latest available. More info here…



As ever you are correct this seems to have now uploaded to Wemos D1 - now the fun befins.



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