Help for nodemcu ignition led on pin hight with blynk app

Hello guys ,
I’m new to the community, I wanted to ask you if you can turn on the physical LEDs depending on the button that I press on the blynk smartphone application.
In the project I have 4 buttons (d0, d1, d2.d3) and I would like to turn on the leds on (d5, d6, d7, d8) when the status of the digital pins button is on.
it’s possible to do it ?

thank you

Why? Just set your buttons for the same pin the corresponding physical LED is hooked up to :wink:

PS, I recommend you do a little light reading about how Blynk works.

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Sorry GUNNER ,
i forget to say , the Virtual button (App Blynk) is connected to physical Pin for control RELE’
and i want to light a Led too

You can do that using “Eventor”

I don’t have Eventor in my Ios APP …

thank you guys ,
I solved the problem by defining the pins of the 4 LEDs and the 4 buttons (which I use in Blynk)
then with the if … esle command I told the program when rele 'is LOW turn on HIGH led
Working with reverse logic