Help for a noob please

I shall first start by saying I’m a total noob to this but here goes. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, I have an nodemcu esp8266 controlling it over wifi with the blynk app on android.
I am using a simple button to turn on the led and off and that’s cool and all but I dont even know how to begin to get it to do anything else.

My goal is to press a button to bring gp1 high then low
Pause bring gp2 high then low pause gp1 high to low.

Maybe I’m going about it all the wrong way too.

Thanks everyone.


You didn’t mention what methods you have tried so far to do such “blinking” of a GPIO, but it is fairly easy to do with a nested timer and adjusting the timed ON, OFF durations as required.

Put this BlynkTimer code into a BLYNK_WRITE(vPIN) Function, controlled by a button using a virtual pin , and you should have what you want… just change (or add to) the Blynk.virtualWrite() commands for digitalWrite() of GPIO pin. The OFF condition of the button will need to run two commands that disable the timers.

Otherwise… A lot of reading and testing out of the various examples will be a recommended start.