Help fixing code: ESP-01 Standalone + 2 servos + joystick

I’m trying to make a 2 axis servo gadget controlled by the Blynk app joystick widget - set to tilt sensing. I see it has been done before with arduino, but not with ESP-01 & direct connecting plus SG90 servos.
I can’t seem to figure out how to paste forum optimized code from Arduino IDE to here cleanly, but I can provide the bad code if necessary.
In case you are wondering what it’s for, I’m trying to make a tilt controller addon for R/C vehicle transmitters. - So that model aircraft are easier to control by people who just want to fly a R/C vehicle, but also have trouble using their fingers.

You need to add three backticks to the beginning:


(so, times 3, I can only put one here for some odd reason) And end with three backticks. That’ll make your code really nice.