Heads Up Everyone - Email - Someone is spamming as if they were Blynk

Just received an email from Blynk Team hello=blynk.cc@mail79.atl111.rsgsv.net; on behalf of; Blynk Team hello@blynk.cc - watch out as it will take you to rogue links.

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Hello. Could you please tell us what was in email?

Blynk news
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Hey Blynk people,

We add a lot of amazing features to our platform, and decided to tell you about the news from time to time.

Hope you keep Blynk apps updated. If not:
→ Blynk for iOS
→ Blynk for Android

Bluetooth and BLE

We worked hard to make it work with many BLE devices. Latest Android app also supports legacy Bluetooth protocol.

Install latest Blynk Library and let us know how it works

New Widgets!
They are available on Android, but iOS version will be updated next week. Set the auto-update to have the latest version.

:point_right: Eventor
Create rules easily using :alien: human language. It’s pretty basic now, but it’s gonna be super awesome. Let us know what you think about it - we need your feedback.

:point_right: Video
Stream video directly to your smartphone :eyes:

:point_right: Table
Table widget comes handy when you need to structure similar data within 1 graphical element.

:point_right: Music Player
In case you decided to build your own BLE music player

:point_right: Webhooks
Want to send data from Blynk app to Thingspeak? Thinking about using some other public API?
This powerful widget makes it very easy

:airplane: Change widgets on the fly

Sometimes you need more dynamic control over the widgets. Change labels, colors and some other properties
Try out new Blynk.setProperty()thing.

Don’t forget to update to the latest Blynk Library before doing that.

Read more…

:busts_in_silhouette: Meet fellow Blynkers

Our community is very friendly and cozy. Share your thoughts, come with questions and let us know any crazy ideas for Blynk you have!

It’s you, who make it happen.

Stay tuned for more.

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@Dmitriy it REALLY looks like a Blynk email to me…

and if @deejayspinz reckon iTunes is a rouge link, that could just be a matter of opinion lol…

Rogue. :wink: Dont recall seeing an itunes link there though, but never clicked through.