Header : image animation disappeared


on android app 1.16.1 (185) brand new image animation widget in header disappeared, leaving an empty space
maybe after update ?

(image animation widget is not showing on iOS)


What type of subscription do you have?


PRO plan
widget is not stable : I added it again, was working, and missing again, after a few minutes (nothing to do with update)

It is for me…


what is your iOS version ?
mine is 3.7.2 (0), no lottie too

@brunog New version should be 3.7.3 (0). Please try update

Mine’s 3.7.2 (0) as well.


I have no update available :confused:

Not reproduced for me. I can add image/lottie animation widgets.

3.7.3 version was released. It may not be available to you yet. I think it should be available after a while. Please try check in new app version.

Thanks, I will give a try and let you know

About widget disappearance : I use both android and iOS to edit templates, it seems widget disappears from android template after editing iOS template

new image animation widget in header disappeared,

image/lottie animation widgets for header are a new feature. And not yet released on iOS.

ok I understand, but I think since they are not available in iOS, editing a template on iOS having a lottie/image animation header made on android leads to break the header