HC 05 is connected but code is not working

I want to create a simple sketch to turn on and off the LED on an Arduino Uno board. I used a button and BlueTooth widgets in Blynk. I managed to connect to HC 05 but nothing happened when I tried to switch on and off the LED. Any suggestions?

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial
#include <BlynkSimpleSerialBLE.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial SwSerial(10, 11); // RX, TX

char auth[] = "bc9ff438445f4d3691a5c24377750dfb";

SoftwareSerial SerialBLE(10, 11); // RX, TX

void setup()

  Blynk.begin(SerialBLE, auth);

  Serial.println("Waiting for connections...");

void loop()

I am having same issue. Code was working a few weeks ago. I picked up project again and now nothing works. Just the example code doesn’t work. Perhaps a recent Blynk app update is bad?

I’d suggest you start a new thread and include all the necessary info to allow forum members to help diagnose the issue.