Have to stay in the "free subscription" as the general pricing model is totally unsuitable for me

Hi Blynk Team,

I am a small Maker. I have currently 2 devices. One has about 30 Widgets and data streams, the other around 10.

I have those devices for many years, so i wanted to change one widget and datapoint on my big application. Of course that doesn’t work anymore as any change would force me to an upgrade.

That in general wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is that the Maker subscription is only good for 20 widgets and data streams. So, I would have to upgrade to the Pro subscription for 100 dollars/month!

I find 7 dollars to much for my needs already, but 100 is definitely ridiculous. Where I live, 100 usd is about a quarter of a monthly salary. So yeah… even if I would like to help out with a few bucks, it just doesn’t work out for me and I will have to live with what i have.

p.s. perhaps you could make an option for the Maker subscription which is not focusing on devices, but data streams as well. Ex. 5 devices/ 50 data streams for the 6.99


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Hello. Thanks for idea. Perhaps this will be considered in the future