Hats off to the Blynk guys!

I now have 6 Blynk apps running at home and at work. They are allowing me to control alarms, valves, equipment, my RV and monitor various environments.
My latest effort is a control system to bill my users automatically for time. This allows me to couple equipment controls to the security alarm motion and door sensors then track time and email statements. It automatically disables a customers access if the balance goes negitive. It’s totally hands off for me. Nowhere else is it possible to link all of these things.
The Blynk app is like computer Lego on steroids. Once you get into it the possibilities continue to pop up.

So, Thank You to the development team and the users before me who have contributed.

Blynk is the coolest ever!


So glad Blynk worked well for you! Thanks for your feedback!

Just beware, that Blynk app is made for prototyping only and if smth goes wrong, we won’t be able to help unless you are subscribed to one of our plans listed here: https://www.blynk.io/plans/

Such situations have already happened before. When businesses were suffering from the update or feature deprecation, or software conflicts.

The only way to protect your business is to enroll into licensing, which is also a mandatory requirement as stated in our Terms Of Use