Has the esp8266-01 had its day

Having finally connected to blynk through an esp8266-01 with a lot of help from the community especially Gunner
I was going to purchase another couple of 01 but when I went into ebay .uk there were no suppliers in the UK advertising the 01 and I was just wondering if I should use a different esp
Just now I wish to make the Arduino Nano my main board to learn but I also wish to continue the wifi connection with esp it’s not just the esp but I was also going to purchase a bag of 10 voltage regulators and other bits and pieces
Just wanted the thoughts of the wider community

Thanks oldvolt

Yes the ESP-01 is very limited and causes lot’s of interference.

We like to keep things simple and buy plug and play ESP’s i.e. with USB ports. Available at circa $3 USD.

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E-Bay here in the US is showing plenty. You can use many of the other variants of the ESP8266 as well. To be honest I wouldn’t bother with the Nano as it has no WiFi. I either use one of the later ESP8266 devices or an ESP32 device. A lot more power and feathers for the price.


I’m still a fan of the good old ESP8266-01’s because they’re so compact.

Many of the applications I’ve come across benefit more from having a small footprint than having more GPIO.

Are there any ESP32’s that come close to the size of the 01’s?

Variety is nice… Try a Wemos D1 Mini… they have USB connectivity built in for easy IDE hookup and programming… same code and method as Arduino. They even accept 5v power (but you still have to remember to NEVER put a 5v sensors input into a GPIO pin - so perhaps also pickup a couple of level shifters).

From my experience, there is no need to avoid 5v on GPIO pins, because they are already 5V tolerant. Wemos D1 and NodeMCU GPIO pins are also protected by diodes from overvoltage, so no need for logic level converters.

From Wemos official page…



Yes they are cheap, but why take chances of possibly killing one with 5v.

Well, my practice is different regarding ESP 5V tolerance. I’ve made few mistakes while experimenting with modules, and my ESP-07 was working with 5V as an input voltage for hours, even without antenna resistor on board and with no antenna attached. It surely gets hot, but it survived, and it still works without issues. There were also number of situations of wrong wiring, getting full 5V on GPIO pins, nothing bad ever happened. I think ESP is much, much sturdier than it seems to be.

True… but as a comparison, every engine can be redlined a few times… still not a good idea to encourage new car owners that it is OK :wink:

Electronics are the same… they start with heat then die… but how many heating times before the dyeing?? Who knows… clone, original, made on a Friday afternoon by a cloned pick and place machine? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I know that very well. There are some engines that can be red-lined all the time, like my saab for example (240PS, 360Nm, tuned by zodiac :)) I mentioned overheating because module had ceramic antenna resistor removed, so I expected module to colapse very soon without external antenna connected, but that did not happened, although it should. Module (ESP07) is still alive and kicking, months after 5V/antenna 12-hour burnout.

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I get great enjoyment from trying to get blynk to work with my Arduino Nano and esp8266-01 but my coding skills are no better than a 5 year old child and I am probably insulting some 5 year olds
With Christmas just around the corner my good lady is asking memail what I want so I am thinking another board I already have an Arduino Uno R3 with built in wifi which is no compatible with Blynk anyway
I want to stick to wifi any suggestions for another board
Thanks oldvolt

@oldvolt if you like full size boards why not try the WeMos D1 (not mini)?

You can use the other flavors of the ESP8266. There is about a dozen of them based on your need. They’re all about the same dimensions.

ESP8266 Modules

As far as ESP8266-01 914.3mm x 24.8mm) vs ESP32 (20.0mm x 16mm).
Actually the ESP32-PICO-D4 is 7mm x 7mm.
Lots of choices out there. Even if you stick with variations of the 8266 there’s plenty.

It is so much easier to use some kind of Node MCU. If you really want to use an 01 for something compact you can still get them on Aliexpress and Banggood.