Hardware supported by Blynk

Please Port blynk to PSOC4 BLE.

@MACSBOOST, We can provide PSOC4 BLE integration on commercial basis.
If you’re interested - please send private message to me.

silly question: is rasberry pi zero W
supported on Blynk
aiming to control a few motors and leds via app

Yes you can use RPi Zero and Zero W for sure (al least with virtual pins). As well as any Linux/Windows/OSX machine.

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great! thank you

I know I am piling on here but I’m wondering if anybody has ideas on how to use blynk with the adafruit nrf52. This is DIFFERENT than the bluefruit BLE because all the processing is going on the Nordic chip itself. Also, it is nRF 52832. Many libraries were rewritten for this. It is the same in that it has UART comm capability which looks to the client to be very similar. Any thoughts?

Edit to add link to product info

nRF52832. Arduino, Sparkfun, Adafruit, and RedBearLab have boards out using this SOC.

It is already supported

Great! Which board do I select in the app?

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If you can’t find your board, select Generic Board

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Great. Thank you

Please make Johnny-Five support by plugin’s IO. Then open the possibility of using products sparkfun and the same Tessel 2

@oleksu535 You can use these boards happily with the provided Blynk libraries…

Already know I found the instruction

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I would still love to see Teensy 3.2/3.5/3.6 support added. Any thoughts or outlook on these great little boards?


According to this post you will add arduino uno wifi support soon:

Has support already been added? And if not, will support be added soon?

Thanks in advance,

I don’t have the hardware but the thread confirms it can be used with Blynk.

Same thing! it would have been added already, but I have no hardware to test with.
I can add support, if there is someone willing to test it and write an short note on how to get it running (i.e, updating wifi firmware of Arduino, etc).
If there are any volunteers, pease PM me.

@vshymanskyy Thank you for adding Teensy 3.2 support! Coolness.

I just purchased a mayfly data logger from EnviroDIY (https://envirodiy.org/mayfly/). It uses the Arduino IDE but is not an arduino product. I was wondering, is it compatible with Blynk?