Hardware supported by Blynk

It looks like you can just combine our Node.js library and this: pololu-maestro - npm

Hi Volodymyr,
thanx, that looks promising… :slight_smile:

Just did some investigation.
It looks very hard to integrate Blynk into Electric Imp unless they provide TCP or/and SSL or/and WebSocket at least on Agent level. Don’t see any obstacles for them as they already provide HTTP/HTTPS access.

Thanks Volodymyr, Although my interest is to that Marvell/ Azurewave module… Hope someone port this good spec/ low cost module to the Arduino like platform so the solution for Blynk would be common. Regards.

I see the Arduino Wifi Shield 101 is on the roadmap. Is there a current work around to get a wifi shield 101 to work with the current libraries?

Thank you

Not that we know of…

Just discuss with Hugo himself and he said websocket at agent will be on next release. Perhaps you can PM me so I can set up the discussion with him?

Hi friends!
What about the new Raspberry Pi Zero?
I think it could be fantastic! A lot of possibilities
kind Regards

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If you install our Node.js library on Pi Zero, it should “just work”.

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Thanks vhymanskyy, as soon as I get the Zero I’ll try.

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Texas Instruments is donating MSP430F5529 + CC3100 to academic institutions, so It will be great if this pack was supported (I think it wouldn´t be too complex since last library include support for MSP432+CC3200)
You will get a lot of student projects in the next months.
BTW: A tutorial about how to develop support for new boards will be very useful

@sergicuen - thanks for the tip!

@vshymanskyy - could you please check if we can get this board?

Actually there is some documentation on this topic here: https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/tree/master/docs
I’ll check if we can support it. Could you advice which device (board) do you select in Energia IDE?

@vshymanskyy - I tried compilation with the last Blynk library (Blynk_v0.3.1) selecting the board MSP430F5529 (25MHz) in Energia IDE

Try uncommenting #define BLYNK_NO_FLOAT in BlynkConfig.h,
and use Boards&Shields->Energia_WiFi example sketch

It woks using the blynk-library-master library (I tried some other blynk examples), but doesn´t work with Blynkv0.3.1.

Can you confirm that MSP430F5529 + CC3100 combination works with Blynk?

Any update or timeline on BLE support?

We have already working prototype, but there are some corner cases with hardware that doesn’t work with our implementation, so we skipped it for now as we have other high priority tasks. I think we will return to BLE after 1 month. So BLE support will be not earlier than in 2 months.

BLE support is here (BETA):