Hardware for local blynk server with lowest energy consumption?

Hi there,

currently im using the Raspberry zero w with disabled hdmi, disabled bluetooth and disabled act led. There are no peripherals connected. The Pi is running as a local blynk server on Jessie Lite with no additional processes running on it expect a external rtc board.
I connect trough wifi to the server and it is a must have requirement for my project.

The project is running on battery power and i want to ask you if you know some hardware where i can run blynk server too with less power consumption then the raspi zero w.

I was thinking about an old smartphone with java 8 support and removed display. But maybe there is some special hardware out there that i can use?

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Maybe you can take a look at orange pi zero, for less than 15$.
Average consumption 185 mA

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve checked it but its saving potential with deactivated peripherals is nearly the same with a raspberry pi zero w. I’ve got about 88mA @5V with the zero w.

After a lot of researches on such boards I came to the conclusion that the production process of 40nm or 28nm is not able to save more power.

The solution could be a smartphone because they use modern processes and they are optimized to save power for mobile applications.

Is it possible to run a blynk server for example on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3? With deactivated display, 3G and Bluetooth and activated WiFi it has an power rating of 33mW, 6mA @ 5V

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The question is how to install Java 8 on Android?
I think you couldn’t.