HardCoding WiFi Credentials

Hello Blynkers! I’m a college student seeking help for others that might have a solution. I’ve been creating an automation device. I have an ESP8266 Wifi Module and i want to know if there is a way to let the wifi module connect to ANY wifi connection available without hardcoding the wifi credentials into the wifi module itself. Would appreciate any kind of help. Thank you!

If you are using the ESP8266 as a stand-alone device (not as a WiFi modem for something like an Arduino Uno/Mega/Nano) then you have a few choices.

The simplest one to implement is probably Blynk Edgent, and there is a fully working example of this in the Blynk library when you install it in the IDE. You access this via File > Examples > Blynk > Blynk.Edgent

You can also use WiFiManager, WiFiMulti.

If you’re using the ESP8266 as a WiFi modem for an Arduino then these options won’t work.