Guide || how to change the App theme color in Local server


here a very short guide how to change Blynk App them to Sparkfun Red/gray colors
but only on local server

i still prefer the original Green Blynk theme.

from Blynk administration WebUI

Users>select your user name>select from theme menu “SparkFun”> then save changes at the end of the page

after that restart your app on the phone

and you will get the good looking Red/gray colors

save settings at end of the page

and you will get somthing similar to this.


omg omg omg, does this mean I can choose my own colors for the app? Is it possible to change the Theme into something I want or is it pre-fabricated?

Maybe @Dmitriy knows? :slight_smile:

i don’t think that is possible as when you change the settings of the server , it just activate a theme which already included in Blynk App on your mobile.

unless you know how to de-compile the app and change it manually and still you will have just two choices
bases on what already available in server settings

As long as it is opensource (which I believe it is), it should be possible. I did a couple months of Java programming when I was young(er), shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll look into it later :slight_smile:

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the Mobile APP is not open source :joy:

No, but that’s ok. The theme is embedded in the Java opensource netty server, so that should be ok :wink:

yay! my local server screens are swapped to the red/grey!

TY @scropion86

please let us know how you go @Lichtsignaal

maybe my colours:

@Lichtsignaal we did theming engine many days ago. But haven’t prepared anything yet to make it customizable by users in some way. As you probably know we are trying to make money from Blynk so this is not a priority at the moment :slight_smile:.

change theme = minus 200 energy

pretty simple equation!!!

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Of course I understand priorities, but it doesn’t stop me from tinkering :wink:

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