Gui List element

Hello is it possible to implement a list element for the ios app?
I need it for a project.


Sounds interesting. Could you explain a bit more? An example of how you would use it will be interesting

In our company we have a lot of production machines. My chief would like to select a machine and the whole status of the machine should be visible (with led element; in production, band stagnation etc.). Therefore I need a list Element to select a machine. We have over 70 machines. Do you understand my example? :slight_smile:

Another example. At the moment i have a raspberry pi with samba and usbmount installed. Usbmount automounts a usb stick if i put it in. Now i have to write down manually the folder into the terminal widget where the usb stick is mounted. After that the programm copys the files to the samba folder for my sonos. For me that is no problem but for my music collegues it is a little bit tricky (they are no IT speciallists ). In this case it is more handy that i can initialise the gui list with a button. In the background i can scan the automount folders and can fill the gui list with the right folders where the usb stick is mounted.

Thanks a lot

Thanks for explanation! We will think on that.

The only limitation is that I would prefer for now to stay within 1 depth level navigation in Blynk app. Otherwise, constructing it will become a real challenge.

As a quick idea: it could be something like Tabs widget (currently in development), where each machine has it’s own Tab, but selection of the particular page should be from a “combobox / list”

It’s definitely interesting. Thanks

Thanks you guys are awesome!!!