GUI is messed up after updating to iOS17

I recently updated to iOS17 and since then Blynk app is kind of bugging i am not sure this is something to fixed from Blynk end or Apple. Restarting the app seems to fix the issue though. Thought of letting the developers know.

I have attached the screenshot.

Hi @Madhukesh
Thank you for the report. We never run into such issue. Did it happen just once or multiple times?
It would be helpful if you send us logs so we can search for clues there. Thanks.

Hello @Eugene

I have already encountered this couple of times. If it was just one time, i wouldn’t had taken a screenshot.
The screenshot posted is third or fifth time when it reoccurred.

As said i will be sending the logs.
Thank you for your quick response.


As said, i have sent the logs.
Thank you.

@Madhukesh Got the logs. Thank you.

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@Madhukesh please let us know if you see this after app update to 3.6.2

@Eugene hello!!

I am currently on the same version you said. I haven’t noticed that glitch recently.

I faced it a couple of times after i created this topic. But after an update from the App Store, i did not notice that glitch till now. I guess you have fixed in the recent update.

Thanks to your quick response and quick fix !!

I will mark this topic as solved!!

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