Graph improvment

Dear sir,
One thing would be a good improvment ( from my modest point of view ) , would be to add the possibility to add condition limit in the graph widget. For exemple , the 20°c is excessed , in the graph, a light could be turn up, a signal could be send by standard notification system or an other option.
Kind regard

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You can do this with programming and using led widget and Blynk.notify :wink:

I definitely like this idea. It saves more coding! The easier, the better if you ask me :slight_smile:

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Yes. All this in our roadmap. At the moment roadmap is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi configurator, More space.

Another graph improvement suggestion:

Allow the user to set the min/max for the Y axis.


Other improvement could be move left or right the graph from the beginning of the values till last one with the graph fixed in one of their values (1 hour or 6 hours or…) Nowadays, if I want to check something that happened a few days ago I must push the 1 week button… The result is that all info displayed is compressed to show the whole week.

This improvement could be combinated with the zoom option through the values.