Graph data erased after server upgrade



Today i did a long due upgrade (from 0.36.3 to 0.39.6) and all the previous data for one graph went “poof”.

I guessed i have skipped too many intermediate versions, but the odd thing is that there are 5 graphs in the project and only one of them was affected.

Now i’m wondering both why this might have happened and if the lost data could be recovered.

Please do ask for more information if needed, i don’t really know what might be relevant to this :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help



Yes, this is because of the big jump. Unfortunately, those changes were so many days ago that I don’t even remember the reason. Checkout your reporting data folder, you can probably find old file name format so you can rename it manually (you see the different in file names when you’ll see this files).


I found the files and, checking the last modified time, was able to see which ones were the outdated format.

Renamed them to match the new format and it worked!

Thank you :smiley:


Hi @Gspin,
Could you show me the file data. Now I run blynk without database.


Hi @tackelua , sorry for the late reply.
I’m not sure what info you need exactly, but this is the directory tree along with a few files with the correct naming pattern.
I don’t have the old naming pattern saved.