Graph / Bar: show value in relation to something


thanks to the creators of the blynk. great stuff, love it very much!!! allows even me as a greenhorn to get information to my phone!

But currently I dont know how (or possible):

I would like to have a graph or something visual like:

it shows the value of 27 which is the current temperature of my probe.
within that bar chart I have to set the max value (300) to a fixed value

I would, however, like to set that value to some thing changeable.

To give en example,
the 27°C is the current temperature of a piece of meat on the grill.
in my sketch, I set the end temperature to 54°C.
The graph should therefore show 27/54 = 50%

can this be achieved?

This part of the documentation explains how you would change the properties of the vertical level widget. In this case it would be the Max property that you’d change:

You’d probably use a Step widget or maybe a Slider to change the maximum setting of your level widget.


Or if you use the super chart you can set it to automatically scale.