Graph bar / line mixed up in iOS and Android

I am not sure if this is new or was reported before? I was working with Android 4.2 and now tested my dashboard with iOS 8.4. On both systems I updated to the latest App. When placing a graph widget and defining the style (e.g. line) this style is inverted in the other OS. Can you reproduce this?

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What do you mean by “inverted”. Please post a screenshot + settings screenshot + code

Sorry for not being to specific. I defined a line graph in Android and logged out. Then I logged in on the Android Tab and on the iPad. The Android device shows the line graph correctly and the iPad uses a bar graph := “inverted”:

Might be a syncing bug. Will investigate. Thanks for reporting.

There may be more than just a syncing issue. All my virtual pins go away as soon as I turn off the app. When the dashboard reloads all vPins are gone. Physical ones seem to work fine.

I’m using an iPad2 and an iPhone 5 now, latest IOS. All pins just disappear as soon as I turn off the app.

Bug with erasing should be fixed in latest iOS version. Please try it. It was just released yesterday.

I tried a couple things like closing app with and without dashboard running, but virtual pins keep disappearing when reopening/syncing.

Do you use latest iOS app?

yeah I updated everything. I don’t have it jailbroken or anything like that. It’s a regular iPhone, nothing fancy :smile:

Do you switch a lot between Android / iOS?

Currently not because of the issues I’m having. My android phone has been empty for the past couple days anyway, lol.


Most other settings stay fine though. I just updated my Android to latest Blynk, just in case, but things like buttons in Switch mode, stay that way. It’s, as far as I can see, only the vPin assignments which go away.

Using Android also makes no difference from what I can tell.

WIth all devices and apps latest version I tried again and threw the dashboard away and made a new one. Now everything seems fine.

I’m guessing somewhere along the lines a difference in versions somehow screwed up my dashboard, specifically the vPins.

Yeah, it could be the issue. We do not provide back compatibility.

The graph issue bar vs lines (android / iphone) still is an issue, but I’m glad my pins stay where I put them for now, LOL.