GPS Trigger communicate when app is closed?

Hi Blynkers.

Some days ago i found that GPS trigger doesn’t work with more than one device separately at same time,

so my question is here
1- " if i have a GPS trigger widget in a project and config that to turn on a light and after that signed out my user from APP and signed in to other account in APP and config other project and… .
GPS trigger on First project and first user that signed out will be work or not??? "

2- Which widget will be work when account is signed out from APP.(widget list)?
3- which widget will be work when app is closed from APP.(widget list)?

It would not work. All gps and sensors logic is operating on the app side. So if you will logout from the app, gps stream and trigger listeners will be stopped.

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it is so useful future that it work when app is logged out so @Dmitriy is it possible we have it this future as an idea?

if theses widgets work when logged out, it is wonderful.

I don’t see any way to implement this in logout state, because GPS trigger/stream widgets rely on the location of the smartphone/tablet/etc. If the user will logout it is not secure to still track the data.

It’s more possible that in future we’ll add possibility to use multiple accounts in one app, but not support for logout work on any widgets.

Great Thank You for Your reply.
Good Luck.