GPS streaming rate


I have been trying out the GPS streaming feature between a Android phone and a Redbearlab ble nano over BLE. The end goal being to provide the microcontroller with frequent updates on the current speed of the vehicle.

The GPS data seems to transfer correctly but the issue I am having is that the frequency at which the phone send updates is much to low. It is only once or twice a minute which unfortunately wont work in my application.
The widget is set to high accuracy.

All other pins is snappy and proper in their updates so I don’t think it is a issue with the actual link.

Does anyone know if anything can be done to increase the frequency or is it simply working as intended?

It might be as intended… as most use case with IoT is tracking the MCU connected device (Flying connected toasters anyone?) not tracking of the App being used to monitor the action… that feature is just a bonus.

But have you tried with the prepared wrapper GpsParam gps(param); in case it processes a bit faster?

Also HIGH and LOW accuracy may negatively influence speed as HIGH will be trying to incorporate AGPS methods like cell tower proximity, which might slow reads down, and LOW will simply be trying to reduce the load by going slower. Test with AVERAGE.

What device model and android version are you using?

Yep for high accuracy setup we have 20-30 seconds delay. Maybe we should additional option for a delay of updates.

Ok, thanks for the fast reply.

I’m using a Samsung S8+.

Yes I think such a option could be valuable in enabling specialized more real time dependent use cases.
Another possible solution could be to allow the MCU to poll the app using Blynk.syncVirtual(GPSvPin) which is not possible now.

That call syncs with the latest server version, so it would not help if the app will not update the server as fast as you make that call.

Ok, we’ll add such (delay) option in one of the next builds.

We have added support to setup 5sec-1min interval for high accuracy updates. After blynk servers update, that should be done today or on days it would work, so you could try to use it.

Nice, thank you!

I just got the update to the app so I’ll give it a whirl as soon as I can.