GPS Stream widget guide

Hi, I want use GPS Stream widget for my project. I am using a Sparkfun ESP8266 thing board. The GPS module I am using Grove GPS module Can someone put a link to guide how to use this widget with the board.

It will also nice if a guide to use this widget with a mob phone GPS receiver is available.

I searched from the community page but was not able to find one appropriate thread.

The GPS Stream Widget uses the internal GPS receiver of your smartphone.

That’s fine as I mentioned in my OP. Can you please put some link about how to do it.

But you wrote about the Grove GPS module. At least for me it is not clear what you would like to do.

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I copied it from OP. As I didn’t knew that this widget works with mob phone GPS so I asked about both esp8266 and mob phone internal GPS receiver. Though as I am working with esp8266 so ask it at 1st place.
I cab write here again please if you can provide a link about how to use this widget will great help for me.

You ARE the OP in this thread :wink:

The GPS widgets in the app are for the phone device GPS only… In the case of Stream it supplies the phone’s coordinates to the MCU hardware for you to use in code.

Trigger can be used to “trigger” an action via virtual pin when phone enters or leaves a designated area.

All widgets have a little [i] to the right of them in the Widget Box that will provide information about it’s function. (so even if they are not in the DOCs, as the GPS ones are not?? @Dmitriy … there is still info and examples on how to use them).

Any MCU mounted GPS device will have to be utilised by whatever library, code and command sets supplied by it’s manufacturer… and is not directly Blynk relevant.

thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile:
OP I mean original post !
Is not there any widget in blynk available which can receive coordinates either from a mob phone internal gps receiver or from mcu and renders it on maps. I mean kind of a maps widget that can be used on user interface of blynk along other controls.

@Gunner yeap, need to fix that. Thanks.

Yes… and you are the Original Poster of the Original Post in this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If you want to refer to someone else’s post, then please include a link to it… otherwise this is a big forum and only some of us read and remember everything (but not me :wink: )

As for the rest of your question… Not yet. I don’t think Blynk developers are interested in merging the functionality of every single app out there (i.e. GPS mapping app) into Blynk (probably just 90% :wink: ) but perhaps one of these days.

EDIT - @Dmitriy Doh… That’s it, I either stop answering or learn to type MUCH faster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (or just look up from keyboard once in awhile)

Double EDIT - @Dmitriy Opps, you were answering me, not the OP… Got it :+1:

OK, thank you for the info. May be some work around in blynk provided options will help to do this maps thing once I learn use of this widget. Please don’t forget to post a link for guide for the widget.

@Nikko, did you over look the Map Widget on Android? It can receive Long + Lat data and display it on a map.

Why did no one else suggest this?

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Hehe… guess I forgot to include the word MAP in my Document Search :blush: Good catch “Master” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Many, many much widgets… only so much alertness :wink:

@Dmitriy on this note… can you add the word GPS and possibly COORDINATES to the MAP Widget info in the DOC’s… as they are related, it will then show up when running a search such as I did.

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Prob a good idea to add the Map widget to the docs first.
I only know about the Map widget from the forums and the provided example in the IDE as I have iOS.