GPS info from two different phones


I need to be able to get GPS locations from two different phones and process it.

I need to be able to know which phone is sending what.

I was reading and trying many ways but wasn’t able to achieve this so far.

Help will be greatly appreciated.


I’ve done this for example:

  • App#1 sends GPS position to Arduino#1
  • App#2 sends GPS position to Arduino#2
  • Arduino#1 and Arduino#2 send/forward the GPS positions via bridge the Arduino#3 where the processing is done.

There may be more clever ways to do it, but it works.:wink:


Thanks for the information. This option will not work for me since I can have only one 8266 that needs to get the info and process it.

If “Arduino#3” from my example is an ESP8266 or any other model - that does not make a difference.

Such functionality is not yet supported. But there are workarounds. For example you can use IFTTT and send triggers from device A to virtual pin 1, and device B to virtual pin 2