Google Home (?

You probably don’t need IFTTT if you use Node-Red, but it depends what you’re using IFTTT for.

I’d recommend running your own Node-Red/MQTT server on something like a Raspberry Pi, so there is a hardware cost associated with that, but the software is free.


I think there is a bit of a disconnect here. I am sure using IFTTT and Node-Red are options (I am not sure if they are great options for business purposes? Maybe they are?), but Google Home/Alexa integration is supposed to be included in the Blynk cost (Plus and above) “soon”. Using a 3rd Party service to do something that is supposed to be included isn’t really a solution.

I am (and I think others) are just wondering what kind of timeline we are looking at for this feature to be available, and if possible what functions will be available.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some kind of guidance considering we are paying for a service, and it is advertised as being something that will be included.

@PeteKnight thanks for your help in answering the questions you can, I understand that this information needs to come from someone directly at Blynk.

Thanks and hopefully we get some information soon!

Hey, I have an update on this feature, (Google Home and Alexa integration) and I thought it was only right to share it so anyone interested has the information.

From what I was told this feature will not be ready soon. I asked for a general timeline (Q2, Q3, etc) but wasn’t given one.

This feature is ready for White Label customers but I was told this a completely different setup to the regular Blynk IoT (Plus, Pro, etc).

If you are using or planning to use Blynk for a commercial project I would not recommend using Google Home or Alexa integration as a selling feature at this point (unless using White Label). I know personally I will not be mentioning it.

Hopefully this helps provide some information for some users.