Google Home with BLYNK - BETA Testers needed!


Hi guys an girls,

As of own need, i started a Cloud application to integrate any webhooks supported device with Google Home.

This is a big avantage for users who uses Google Home and Blynk. Now you can control any device with Google Home!

But i need your support, since i need some BETA testers to continue:

The cloud application
SmarterIOT Device Emulator translates any communication with Google Home to Webhooks (which is possible with Blynk). Therefor you can control any device which is using blynk, with Google Home.

The integration is build through Google Smarthome API.

Examples are:

  • Lights On/Off
  • Control heater temperatuur
  • Switch your IP Camera on
  • Turn on Aquarium pump
  • Trigger any action at IFTTT
  • etc…

So you can say: Ok Google, turn on lights. Or, Ok Google, turn on the heater.

I expect from you:
That you have Blynk related hardware in your house.
That you have a Google Home.
Have just a little knowledge of both.
Have a Google Gmail Account for the invite.
To ask as many questions so I know which main questions should be answered in a help/FAQ

From me you can expect:
Support to set it up.
Respond to ideas and improvments.

The Idea

  • Set up an account at (also possible for anyone who is interested)
  • Set up devices with webhooks
  • Follow instructions in email how to activate testmodus in Google Assistent App
  • Enjoy the integration!

Send a PM and/or reply to this topic if you are interested or have any questions.

Regards Marijn


I tried logging in to this service using a gmail acccount that has two-factor authentication enabled. After going through the sign-in and authentication process the web page switches rapidly backwards and forwards between two different URLs, then eventually give the error:
An error occurred while processing your request.



Hi Pete,

Do you know if that was a auth0 error, google error or error from the website?

I’ll check logs and try to factor authentication myself.

Many thanks for this feedback!



same issue not able to login


This is interesting. I followed your link again, intending to se which url had given the error, but now I’m logged-in.
However, if I click the Devices or Sync with Google links I get the same “An rrror occurred…” message.

The Queries and Execution links just give a blank screen.



I think this has to do some data is not retrieved from your google account. I’ll check this.

Thanks again!


Hi Guys,

I couldn’t find the exact issue, beside i saw just one new user and not both of you. That suggest something went wrong with retrieving user details.

I setup some extra logs. Please try again.

If this works ok, i’ll add your email which is used to sign in, as beta tester so the app will be available at your Google Home/Assistant.

Regards Marijn


Now and then i see people trying to login and hit errors. I made some adjustment to solve this.

I would like to hear your guys experience and if you think the idea would work for Blynk and other users!