Glitchy - Power Depleted whilst Building App

Hi Pavel,

I was just rebuilding an app after the new release that now requires payment, I was actually copying this project [5 Digit Wireless lock made with Arduino Mega and ESP8266]

Anyway the app needs New Project(500),12 buttons(2,400), 1 led(100) and 1 LCD(400), TOTAL(3,400)

Realising I would run out of free(2000) credit I purchased 5000 credits halfway through building the App. All OK so far but after payment I notice the buttons have no labels, I try to assign a digital pin to one of the buttons and after I return to the main project screen half my widgets have disappeared leaving only 6 buttons (which now have labels???) I then have to repurchase 6 buttons, a led and an LCD?

Can you look into this please? As I now only have 1,900 credit instead of 3,600.

Thanks Iain