Getting time & Settemprature from Blynk App

Dear sir…

I am trying simple blynk app . I am newbie to blynk . i hope your suggestion and supporting link might help me to complete my project.

I have purchased this unit. . My main project intention to create app based on IOT. currently i would to do mobile app later it can be established using thing of speak or blynk web server if any.

*I would like to read data from DHT11 and DS1307 time Display on mobile app for blynk.

  • once data been published, I would like to set temperature from app . if set temp> actual sensor temp relay should be on . else relay should be off

  • similarly i could able to set user defined time. if RTC time is between range relay should be on else relay should be off. if relay is on send msg after set time limit should turn of relay.

Kindly share some link to get started and combine the code

How to use charts.

SF BlynkBoard comes with a bunch of tutorials. Did you read through them? They all come with code examples.

Currently i have nodemcu I could able to connect RTC and DHT11 sensor to it. Only question is How could i transfer the process data from nodemcu to BLYNK.

I am waiting for sparkfun device to arrive.Main question is How I2c data can be transferred from nodemcu/blynk device to app . and how to send data from app to controller.

Can the build app/ made useful to other or not. if yes how it can be done.?? user build app made visible on google play store??? can android studio code syn with blynk board

Every app it consist of user name and password . weather other person can use QR code to connected to use application developed

Here are the articles you might need:

Once you are ready to deliver products to your clients and it works with Blynk app, publishing your app to App Store and Google Play is really easy. All you need to do is to sign up to one of the plans listed here: