Getting temperature feedback in Google Assistant with IFTTT


I have the same situation. I want to retrieve the data from the sensor and pass it to google assistant answer. The blynk app is working fine, temp and humid are displayed in the mobile app. But now i want to ask the google assistant about the temp value. I want to hear something like that: “Hi, the bedroom temperature is <<>>”. The IFTTT method GET is working fine, the link is working in browser, the value is displayed. The issue is how to pass the value to the assistant answer.

Except you then go on to explain why it’s actually a totally different situation, and your aim is totally different to that of the OP!

This is actually an IFTTT question, about how to pass variables obtained via a web call to GA as utterances (or whatever the Google version of an Alexa utterance is).

Maybe a question for the IFTTT forum?


Try this

But use Google assistant instead od alexda