Getting Started Not Newbie Friendly

When I got Arduino, I got dummies book and some sensors and I quickly did many experiments.

Getting started needs step by step instructions.Yeah - over time I can figure them out for blynk but I’m more inclined to move on because developers did not make it easy like they say it supposed to be.

Don’t know the sequence but

  • download app for andorid or ios
  • explain how you get your arduino knowm to network
  • explain what is authorization token and how to use it
  • explain exactly how you download and include blynk library (not in case you dont remember blah)
  • explain a simple led project via USB so everyone that doesnt have wifi, ethernet can try it with success
  • arduino dummies book explains each line of a sketch - why not do the same?

The step by step instructions with images should be a document created by blynk and not pointers to other sources to put the puzzle together. My comments are not negative, They should be viewed as constructive criticism to make you aware of how users will never even give your app a try unless you make it very easy at the start.

Being a noob myself I’ll see if I can find the time to document my way through the very beginning until I got my first results and point out the problems I hat on my way…if you think that this instructable by @Rahul is not enough to get you or anyone else started:


I totally hear you, and we clearly understand the need for such a document. And of course we are working on it. The problem is that we have a really small team and this is why we have to prioritize our list of to-dos.

There will be everything. Step by step, video tutorials, full documentation of every feature.

You should understand that we also need it - then we will spend less time on answering all the questions we get :wink:


i love your project!

i found the instructions very easy - of course greater documentation would reduce the questions.

i just want to see more widgets to play with

you are doing a great job - keep up the enthusiasm

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Thanks for the quote!! Yeah, being a newbie, I faced a lot of obstacles and that’s why I made the instructable. I believe has lots of potential