Getting MQTT Messages from different sonsors - seeing the Alert History


is it possible to do the following things with Blynk:

-I want to see the last alert messages in a list
-I want be able to sort the list according the different sensors and according the time
-I should be able, to get an accoustic alert even if my smartphone is in silent mode

What “alert” messages are you referring to? If you mean general output, then use the Terminal widget to output messages.

Only the table widget can “sort” items.

No “sound” widget is available… but you could use push notifications… but then again depends on your phone silent mode.

Lot’s of thanks for your very fast answer! Where should I copy the library files on my raspberry? I havn’t an “sketchbook” folder.

No idea sorry, but there are plenty of threads about the rPi.

Please use the search function for the quickest help :slight_smile:

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