Get virtual pin status using api

Is this possible to get virtual pin status using API?
(Like device is restarted and connected to the internet again but all pins turn off )
how do I know this all pins reset
I see there is an API to tell us whether the device is connected or not but the point is device restart

Thank you so much:)

You should assume that the functionality listed in the documentation is all the functionality that is available, rather than keep creating posts asking “is there an API for x, y and z”.

If you want to know the status of each pin then you can do this with a REST HTTP(S) API call, and if you’re interested in statuses immediately after re-connection to the Blynk server then you can use the BLYNK_CONNECTED() callback and place Blynk.syncVirtual(vPin) command within it to force the corresponding BLYNK_WRITE(vPin) callbacks to be triggered.

All of this is in the documentation.

I’d avoid the use of Blynk.syncAll() if I were you.


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Ohhh, thank you, sir. really