Get started with IoT: How to build a DIY Blynk Board

Hello everyone!
I wrote an article on how to flash the blynk board firmware on esp8266 development boards. I often organise free workshops to introduce people to physical computing. I usually get questions such as how to get started with IoT with little coding, or what hardware to purchase. Blynk and Sparkfun already teamed up to solve this by creating the Sparkfun Blynk Board. However, the kit is not easily accessible in all countries or many people in developing countries simply can’t afford it. Fortunately the great people here at Blynk and Sparkfun open sourced the project!

I believe Blynk is ideal for introducing people to IoT. The blynk board firmware includes 10+ projects which require very little set up. This helps focusing on basic electronics and IoT concepts instead of spending hours explaining how to flash a chip , etc. I myself was from a nontechnical background and Blynk definetly help me pursue my passion for digital making and physical computing.

I have several esp8266 lying around which I’m turning into DIY Blynk Boards for future workshops. I hope this inspires more people to get started with IoT and especially with Blynk!!!

Read about it here:


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