Get Lat / Lon from Device Info

Newby here so sorry in advance, if I am not formatting this question correctly. My question is: how do I retrieve the IP LAT/LON that I can see on the “Device Info” page on my web dashboard? I know it is just the location of the regional office. But that is OK for the project I’m working on. I don’t need an exact location, just close enough. I’m using the Arduino IDE as my firmware development platform. And, I would like to be able to use that Lat/Lon in my firmware. I have the map widget on my mobile app. And, again, it displays my location on the map close enough. But, where is that lat/lon? How do I extract that lat/lon to use?
Thanks for you help!



Oh man! Thank you so much! I was searching the docs for device info instead of metadata since the device info tab is where I see that IP LAT/LON on my web dashboard. So, thanks again!

I see where that only allows you to read the Metadata that has been assigned to a device. I’m trying to get the “IP LAT/LON” value that I see on the “Device Info” tab on the web dashboard available to my firmware running on an ESP32. Is that possible? It would appear it should be possible because I can place a map widget on my mobile app and can visually see that Blynk knows roughly where my device is at with no programming at all. So, the app knows the lat/lon. I just don’t know how to make that lat/lon available to my firmware. Where is that IP LAT/LON stored? How do I retrieve it?