Get GPS coordinates from an android phone in map widget

I am using Arduino mkr1010 in my blink app. I need to use maps widget. Since 1010 don’t have gps, my question is, ‘Is it possible in blynk to use gps coordinates from a mobile phone gps to render a real time map’.

Yes, read the docs…


OK, Great!
Thank you Pete :slight_smile:

Can you please help me a bit more, I am confused. When you connect ur hardware to Blynk, you upload code to it with authentication token. But how to use this code in case of getting data from other mob?

It sounds like your initial question didn’t fully describe the scenario that you are trying to achieve.
Rather than me ask you a whole range of question, I’d suggest that you describe in detail what it is that you are trying to do, and this time and also include details of the operating system(s) that are running on the phone(s).