Get Device name in firmware api

First post here. I spent some time searching around didn’t find an answer - except some indication that it’s not possible.

Is it possible to get the device name or some other identifying string or number that would make correlating the actual device to the listing in the Blynk console? My devices have oled displays and I would really like to show the device name on the oled that’s also shown in Blynk console.

Hey there,
Yes it’s possible, you can get device metadata value using api. Check this out

That’s possible not only via HTTPS API but also via firmware:

Blynk.sendInternal("meta", "get", "MetaFieldNameCaseSensetive")

You would need to override BLYNK_CMD_INTERNAL - Maybe @vshymanskyy can provide some details or add docs?

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This begs the question… doesnt a meta field have to be set before i can retrieve it? I have not set a field for this except during wifi provisioning.

Also, where do i find the docs for the sendInternal and other available methods?