Get data from ESP for slider

So lets say I have an ESP8266 working with a blynk app that has a slider widget, range of 0-255, controlling V0 which when changed sets the value of a variable called sliderVar.

When the ESP is powered on, sliderVar is set to 180. When I open the Blynk app, is there anyway to ask the ESP for this value and then set the slider to that value?
At the moment, when I open the blynk app it will send the current slider value to the ESP which could change sliderVar without me wanting it to.

I’m sorry if it’s not well explained, feel free to ask me to elaborate on anything!

Hello. You may set any value for slider on reconnect. Just do Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, value);

Also you may want to use BLYNK_CONNECTED() {} handler.

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@Dmitriy, does virtualWrite work for zeRGBa too? If so, I cannot get mine to work.