(General Questions) Mihaelsonn

Hi , I start with Blynk but have many questins.
How can I delete Projets?
How much it cost using Blynk?
I was meaning that is free for developers , but on the start I see that I need energy.

Many questions, many answers!

Projects can be deleted from the App. If you are in a (stopped!) project a Nut icon appears (on Android anyway) and you can configure your projects settings, or delete it, from there.

Costs, it depends on how much widgets you use. Each widgets costs a certain amount of money, so in that way it’s a very fair system. You can pay only for what you use.

If you run the server part of the system on your own hardware (it’s a very light Java based thing) you can manage it all on your own. You can add your own energy and be in complete control, but you won’t have the advantage of the Blynk cloud solution. So, that is a choice.

However, buying energy supports the Blynk project and keeps the development going (I’m really out a limb here because I haven’t spent a dime on Blynk, but I try to make up with helping people :wink: )


@Milenko You do start out with 2000 energy, and any most any widget used and later "returned’ will also return the energy, so feel free to experiment before purchasing anything if you want.

Just purchase energy while on your local server… then add twice+ the “purchased” amount in your settings, that way you contribute and get that twice+ the value for your money feeling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (or just accidently purchase energy while on Local Server… twice… like I did until I clued in :wink: - Eventually, when able, I plan on purchasing some extra energy on my cloud account anyhow, for testing outside my network before opening up any ports on my router.)

Thank for Answer , I delete all unused projects so I nave some many .