Gauge Widget with indicator of set/target value?

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Have used Blynk for about a month or two, and love it. Currently I have made a controller for my GrainFather brewing system, and here I’ve kind of missed an easy(er) way of displaying the target value. Let me try to explain:

I have a Gauge Widget showing the current temperature for one of the temperature probes in my setup. This is working fine. I then use a Slider Widget to set my target temperature. It would be very handy to be able to display this target temparature directly in the Gauge Widget. Like a small arrow/triangle on the inside of the gauge graphics, a thin line across the gauge graphics or something like that. Today I have to use a separate Labeled Value Widget to display the current set target temp.

I imagine this would have to be solved with an extra pin input to the widget, and if it is not used (no data sent to it), it is not displayed.

Make a button which switchs the “current temp” gauge in to “target temp” gauge. You can set up your targets, then exit “setup mode” by pressing the button again. You could also use setProperty() and change the colours to say… white… to let you know youre in setup.

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Well, I see what you are suggesting, but if so I’ll might just keep it as is. My suggested feature is not a big deal - more nice to have than need to have. As you can see, I’m able to see this value in current design :slight_smile:

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