Gauge Gradient Color Selection Missing on iOS app

Hi, have a couple Blynk apps working on iOS and communicating well with my hardware. On the iOS app side, trying to set a gradient color on Gauge widget. I read about the functionality in the docs, but not sure how to get the multiple color options on the gauge. All I see is the standard, click on the color selector and it rotates between all the color options. I am looking for the way to select a gradient color option, like the warm one. My goal is to have the Gauge change from Green to Orange then to Red based on the value in the virtual pin. I believe I can accomplish with hardware side code and change the Color attribute on the gauge via code, but the color gradient sounds much easier, and less work on the Arduino board.

Here’s the wording from the Docs I am referring to:
Color gradient

When you choose gradient, it affects the color of widget elements based on invoming values. For example: You set Gauge Widget with Min and Max parameters of 0-100, and choose green-yellow-red gradient. When hardware sends: - 10 , Gauge will change it’s color to green color - 50 will change Gauge to yellow color - 80 will change Gauge to red color

There are 2 types of gradients you can choose from: - Warm: Green - Orange - Red; - Cold: Green - Blue - Violet;

I suspect I am overlooking a simple way to get to the color selector, but after reading, searching, and exploring options I’m resorting to asking this group for help. Thank you…

I’m thinking that may only be available on Android. You got 1 to try it on?

I do not have an android to try it on. The Blynk docs do mention the limitation of Android only for the Eventor functionality, but I do not see any Android restrictions for this function. Thanks for the idea.

Any other thoughts on accessing color gradient for this on iOS? I feel like I’m missing something. Or, the docs need updated to clarify it’s not really available?

Setting color gradient in Gauge is not available on iOS at the moment.