Gauge Font

Why is the font in the gauges so BIG after the latest update?? Makes the rest of my layout look silly :unamused:

Please post screenshot.

heh, strange. I “wish them” to be larger (or widget smaller), but still the same in my Android app. :wink:

It was done after the requests in the discussion of previous updates. Please post a screenshot so we could understand how it looks on your phone, and phone model with it’s display resolution

So, these should be larger already? Google Play says I have the latest ver and gauge is still the same…

Probably a silly question but how do I post a screenshot?

My phone is an Aspera with a 4.5 inch screen. I can set the font smaller in settings but then of course all the other fonts are tiny.

It could differ in different project’s themes.

Which exactly Aspera phone are you using?

It is an R5 model

You could send the hpa value as an integer in the meantime…

I could but that doesn’t fix anything