Gauge - downsize

possibility to downsize the gauge a bit.

at the moment there are only room for two gauges in width, if gauges cold be downsized to fit a vertical slider next to it or so?

Know valuelabel could be used instead og gauge but gauge gives a great min/max feel to the value.


It is in Android devices

At the moment only enlarging is supported for Gauge on Android.
And on iOS sizing widgets is not yet implemented.

@eugene Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I am well aware of this! I am making plans to dump iOS from all my projects. I encourage others to do the same. I am tired of having my progress held up by Apple. It’s ridiculous to see the amount of Android updates as compared to iOS.

I concurred. iOS sometimes is a pain. I am waiting for the new Samsung phone, I think I had enough with the iOS.

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